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Hi-Speed Home Internet

TNET is here to provide internet for all your home devices in Alturas, Likely, Canby, Lakeview, Paisley.


Commercial Internet .....

Commercial Internet packages starting at 100 MBPS up to 300 MBPS.

  • Business Packages are of the highest priority. Troubleshooting and servicing available within 24 hours

  • This currently DOES NOT include Hotels/Motels

  • Business packages are ONLY applicable to certified business locations. These include places open during standard business hours.

  • Arrangements can be make with the individual businesses. We must receive notifications of these preferences within a week of installation.

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Heavy Equipment Construction.....

Are you trying to level your yard, need a new driveway. All of these big projects take heavy equipment that can be difficult to rent, operate, and cost you time and money. Let us help you get your projects done with ease. Our talented heavy equipment operators will cut the time in half compared to any DIY project.