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We are family owned and operated local business licensed with the CCB #221995. My family and I moved to Lakeview not long ago from Central California. We came up here to visit my grandparents, who are residents, and simply fell in love with the town. It is my hope to serve the community with all of its tree needs. We have decades of experience and knowledge that we can’t wait to share with everyone. We are a unique tree service that specializes in climbing and rigging. Safety and professionalism are our priority.

Tree Removal

We have knowledge to ascertain when a tree needs to be removed because of health issues or it has become hazardous to its surroundings and then the ability to remove the tree the best way possible.

Tree Trimming

We have the necessary knowledge, equipment and experience to trim a tree to optimize the growth of the tree and the safety of its surroundings.


Stump Grinding

We will get rid of that pesky stump for good!