An All-American downtown welcomes you with old fashioned Western hospitality. Learn to love the West again in Downtown Lakeview with a vintage theater, cozy stores and authentic restaurants.


Upcoming Events at the Alger Theater

  • September 26th - Playa Mysor Brothers of India and Julie Southwell

  • September 29th- MamaMia Chick Flick Movie Fundraiser

  • October 24th- Playa Labor of Love: What is Our Work in a Wounded World?" Comedian Derek Sitter

LCP Board of Directors

Ann Logan.jpg

Ann Logan

Board President-

JeJie Estes - Treasurer.jpg

Jejei Estes


Karen Bunch- Design Commitee Chair.jpg

Karen Bunch

LCP Design Committee Chair

Sandra Watts- Board Memner.jpg

Sandra Watts

Board Member

Marcie Wade- Board Member.jpg

Marcie Wade

Board Member

Ginger Casto- Alger Theater Project Chair.jpg

Ginger Casto

Alger Theater Project Chair

Ken Kestner- Economic Vitality Chair.jpg

Ken Kestner

LCP Economic Vitality Chair

Melissa Maxwell- LCP Coordinator.jpg

Melissa Maxwell

LCP Coordinator