Lakeview Community Partnership Mission Statement:

The Alger Theater was built in 1940 and has retained it's art decor style and charm as a movie theater and venue for a variety of events. Alger is managed by Lakeview Community Partnership and many volunteers. On May 2nd, the LCP received a grant from the Oregon Main Street Program in the amount of $111,685 to retire the amount owed on the Alger Theater from the anonymous benefactor Outback LCC by July 1 of this year. LCP is still fundraising for future historic renovation and revitalization efforts economically and culturally with a focus on community well being through the arts.

Engage community members in creating a vibrant and attractive downtown that celebrates our history and connects to our area's amazing rural resources.

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Upcoming Events at the Alger Theater

LCP Board of Directors

Ann Logan.jpg

Ann Logan

Board President-

JeJie Estes - Treasurer.jpg

Jejei Estes


Karen Bunch- Design Commitee Chair.jpg

Karen Bunch

LCP Design Committee Chair

Sandra Watts- Board Memner.jpg

Sandra Watts

Board Member

Marcie Wade- Board Member.jpg

Marcie Wade

Board Member

Ginger Casto- Alger Theater Project Chair.jpg

Ginger Casto

Alger Theater Project Chair

Ray Simms.jpg

Ray Simms

Board Member

Ken Kestner- Economic Vitality Chair.jpg

Ken Kestner

LCP Economic Vitality Chair

Don Lasley

Don Lasley

Board Member

Melissa Maxwell- LCP Coordinator.jpg

Melissa Maxwell

LCP Coordinator